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The world’s most advanced point of use drinking water system.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration

    80 Gallon per day reverse osmosis filtration system removes contaminates including Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Leaving you with pure drinking water that is free of dirt, chemicals, metals, etc.

  • Activated Oxygen Injection

    Oxygenates the water during the ATS process, delivering FRESHNESS YOU CAN TASTE.

  • ATS-Auto Tank Sanitization

    Eliminates microbiological contamination and does away with the tedious and often overlooked task of sanitizing the holding tank.

  • CleanContact

    Anti-microbial touchpad surface and surrounding surfaces manufactured and tested to protect against cross-contamination of germs within the workplace.

  • Filter Replacement Notification Light

    Notifies you as soon as the filter needs to be replaced by the Pure Water Technology service team — ensuring the highest quality of freshness.

  • 24-Hour System Monitoring

    At the core of PHSI’s patented technology is a microprocessor that controls and monitors activated oxygen injection, filter life, water quality, and all other system functions 24 hours a day. Only the 3i can deliver this level of programmability and performance that keeps your water fresh and pure.

  • Dispense Area Light

    Illuminates the dispense area (4 brightness options) to easily identify drip tray “bullseye” for precise dispensing — keeping the work environment clean of water spillage.

  • Pure Touch Dispense

    The ergonomic design delivers an optimum dispense height and spacious dispense area for large containers which prevents germ contamination of the dispense nozzle.

“We are pleased to report that we are extremely satisfied with our new water system. We have enjoyed the convenience of the system and not having to move heavy bottles each time when empty. I highly recommend the system to other local businesses.”

Tara Tice, MS - Regional Director, Braley & Thompson

3i Purification Process

Depicts 3i water purification process and the  activated oxygen injection
  • unfiltered water
  • Sediment Filter Dirt, Rust, Silt
  • Carbon Block Filter Chemicals, Solvents, Chlorine
  • 80 GPD
    Lead, Mercury, Arsenic
  • Granular Activated
    Carbon Filter
    Final Polish
  • Activated Oxygen Injection Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites