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Fresh, healthy water for your workplace

Pure Water Technology® by PHSI® provides fresh, pure,
healthy drinking water by removing chemicals, bacteria,
and parasites. PHSI’s water purification systems, along with their reverse osmosis membrane and activated oxygen injection,
produce better tasting, healthier water than other workplace systems.

Bottled water is not the same!

In addition, many of our customers have saved money, over the cost of their existing water dispensing systems, by
switching to Pure Water Technology.

Isn't it time to think about Pure Water Technology for your business?

Water Cooler Talk (video)

PHSI Pure Water Technology® systems not only eliminate the environmental impact of bottled water, but also by providing you with safer, fresher and better tasting drinking water. We call it “Technology for a Healthy Planet.”

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Now Serving Coffee and Providing Cups for your Pure Water Systems

Through our partnership with Spectrum Coffee, Pure Water Technology of Southwestern Virginia customers enjoy everyday savings on a large selection of coffee and water products. It’s the most convenient way to fulfill all of your break area needs.

Orders are delivered by the same FedEx and UPS professionals you already know, Best of all, all orders over $75.00 “Ship Free”.

Remember your Savings Code at check out.

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“Just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with our Pure Water System. It is so much more efficient. The best part is no more lugging around those heavy water bottles. The water tastes as good as the spring water in bottles. We now even use it to make our coffee. I would strongly suggest to anyone still using those heavy bottles to switch to your system.”

Cathy Miller - Practice Manager, Valley Occupational Medicine

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About Pure Water Technology of Southwest VA

Pure Water Technology of Southwest Virginia is dedicated to providing its customers the highest performance water purification systems in the marketplace today, with ongoing research and development to provide the highest performance systems for tomorrow.